Why waste billable hours driving yourself to the airport, a court hearing or a meeting with clients?


One of the advantages of utilizing Fleetwood for ground transportation is the ease of working while traveling. You can choose the vehicle that provides the space and privacy you need to prepare for a conference, a trial, or a crucial meeting with clients. Try doing that with a ride share service! And Fleetwood’s professional chauffeurs have signed NDAs and are superbly trained to understand your need for a quiet, private mobile working environment.


Fleetwood Specializes in comprehensive, custom ground transportation services for business clients.


From the Netherlands to New York, Toronto to Tokyo, Dubai to Detroit, our experienced staff can manage ALL of your ground transportation needs anywhere in the world.


Logistics –  Our software integrates booking, scheduling, dispatch and customized reservation management, along with accounting, billing and GPS tracking.


Reliability – We understand the importance of your trip. Our system is designed to ensure on-time pick up and arrival, and our experienced team can deal with any transportation challenges that business travelers know so well.  Fleetwood will get you to your destination on time, every time – guaranteed!


Safety and Security  –  Our professional chauffeurs undergo extensive background checks and drug testing. They are fully trained, licensed and certified. Our fleet management software gives our clients peace-of- mind via real-time GPS tracking of our vehicles. You always know the exact location and status of passengers.


Wherever you have to go, Fleetwood will make sure you get there easily, economically, safely and on time.