Duty of Care

Safety & Training



Duty of Care. While most in our Industry talk about Duty of Care, we are committed to safety, reliability and one-time performance!


Our Clients’ are confident that Fleetwood has such a rigorous safety & Training program for its’ Chauffeurs & Staff which was established for one thing in mind. “Transporting our Clients in the safest and most professional manner in our industry”.

·         Drug testing

·         Background Check

·         Smith System Defensive Driving School

·         Bi-yearly ongoing Chauffeur training

·         GPS Tracking

·         Safety-First Best Practices

·         Latest executives vehicle fleet

·         Global automated software from reservation to invoice


John J. Amato is our VP, Chauffer Training & Development. With over 35 years on the transportation industry, John is responsible for hiring, training, mentoring and overseeing our 25+ chauffeurs on a daily basis. From Preparation (safety check vehicle, plan your route, make sure all communication is working properly), ongoing Safety Training, defensive driving classes to ensure safe operation of the vehicle. SAFETY it is our top priority.